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OLCC Security Compliance

EZ Security makes the process of getting into the cannabis industry as easy as possible. Applicants from producers, processors, dispensary, and laboratories give us a call for security compliance. We offer fully compliant surveillance and alarm systems and provide maintenance and support.

We will make the choice easy for you and be the last stop for all of your surveillance and alarm compliance needs. Our team will ensure that when inspection time comes, you will pass and not need to make minor fixes or changes.  Buy a system from us or install it yourself, we will still answer any question that you have until you’re safe, secure, and compliant.

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Security Requirements

EZ Security has studied intensively to develop and install specialized security systems for businesses wanting to be OLCC licensed . No matter the type of license you are applying for, EZ Security makes certain that all laws and OLCC regulations are met and followed. We ensure compliance is met first and take extra steps to ensure your security system is protected.  Your security system will last and endure through future  OLCC changes in regulation. EZ Security provides a high level of expertise to the landscape that is not provided by the competition. We understand each OLCC security requirement to design and install security systems that will pass inspection the first time. Our security solutions work for all business operations. No matter what your security compliance needs are, we are here to help you grow and succeed.

Security Technology


We offer the best cameras that are versatile in different lighting conditions. The main technologies of surveillance cameras are analog and IP,  which both can be used for passing OLCC inspection.  Our security cameras can be used for indoor or outdoor and are equipped with infrared to see at night.



Video Recorder

The main technologies of video recorders are DVR for analog cameras and and NVR for IP cameras. As the cameras are recording, the footage will be sent and stored on a DVR or NVR for live viewing and playback. Both technologies can be used for passing OLCC inspection.  Video footage is stored for 90 Days to comply with OLCC regulations. 




Remote Access

Your security system won’t let any suspicious activities go unnoticed. You will have remote access to your surveillance  and security  alarm system from anywhere and on any device. Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone.

Alarm System

The alarm system provides alarm alerts to any device, so no suspicious activities go unnoticed.

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EZ Security

EZ Security is focusing on providing security solutions and services to prevent malicious events from happening.