EZ Security


We know security is hard, but we make it easy anyway.

EZ Security is changing the way security is done.  Meaning that we will install, configure, maintain, support, and document our delivered service. We will not only solve your technical problems, but stay within your budget. Our solutions and services  reduce malicious events from happening by all means. To put it differently, our team puts their heart and soul into protecting your company!

Ramone Edwards

Prior to starting a security company in Oregon. I was fortunate to have parents who worked for one of the largest computer companies in world. During that time, I learned how to build computers and hack into programs. In college, I was President of the Digital forensics Club and leader of the Cyber Defense Team. Our team competed in a competition against real life hackers to place 3rd in the regional round. Upon graduating, I was rewarded with Digital Forensics Highest Achievement Award and graduated cum laude.

After graduating, I began working as an Incident Response consultant helping small and large businesses examine security attacks. During my employment, I was rewarded with Employee of the Month (February 2014), Champion in Incident Response (2015), and second highest earnings of 2016. During those years, I witnessed how and why security attacks happen. After helping a friend in Oregon pass his compliance inspection, I found a new course and passion to help people that motivates me.

EZ Security

EZ Security is focusing on providing security solutions and services to prevent malicious events from happening.